Changes Coming late 2018/early 2019...Some Big, Some Small / by Jeffrey Gacad

Greetings everyone!!!

First things first. Thanks to everyone who’s supported my photography, purchased a print, followed me on social media and contacted me about using photos. I appreciate everything and all your support.

Trying to get a photography business/side gig has proved to be difficult so far. Social media seems to be a terrible way, for the most part, to try and sell prints. It is also proved difficult as a means of growing awareness. Both are things that seem to be what social media is supposed to be used for, but most of the platforms don’t seem to be favorable for the little guy to be able to build their brand/awareness. Or, maybe I’m just going it wrong.

Anyway, there are some changes coming to Stingray Photo Imaging…


I’ve decided to refocus what my photography will be. I’ll be pairing it down to Astrophotography/Night Photography, Black & White, Sunsets, Surfing, Long Exposure, Landscape, Flora and Fauna. Everything else that doesn’t fit those categories will be eliminated from this website. They will still be on other platforms (see below), but gone from here.


This has been, by far the most frustrating part. I have had hoped that selling prints, primarily to upgrade gear, would have been relatively successful, but overall, it’s been a complete failure. Because of that, I will again be changing how I will be offering prints up for sale. I will be going into more detail about this in coming days, so stay tuned, but these changes will be big.

Social Media:

No real changes here…

Facebook: Follow my group (not page…FB has made some bullshit changes which essentially killed off pages for the little guy) at This is where the most photos will end up…ones not seen anywhere else. It’s also more interactive and I try to involve members of the group.

Instagram: (@stingrayphotoimaging, @stingrayaviationimaging) A more curated platform. Less photos than Facebook. Also, home to my main, separate aviation photography site. If you like that, givie it a follow.

Vero: (Stingray Photo Imaging) A little used platform, which I really like. Lots of talented artists are on there, so most of my followers are other photographers/artists. I don’t post often, but I try to put good stuff on there and occasionally things other than photos.

I know it’s been a lot, but thanks for reading through this. I’ve been struggling at how I can make this work, so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below or email me at

Thanks so much!!