Social Media Killing the Little Guys / by Jeffrey Gacad

My level of frustration with social media and my photography has reached a boiling point.  I am pretty much ready to give up on Facebook as a place to promote and post my photography.  When I first started posting on my photography page (and where Stingray Photo Imaging was born), I would get lots of views and interactions.  Ever since they changed their algorithms, those have dropped to practical nothing.  However, whenever I do post something, I always get prompted to boost my post, i.e. pay for people to see it.  No thanks.  I will not pay to have my own followers see posts on a page they already like.  Facebook has said they will be making it so that people will be seeing more posts from friends and family and less from pages they like, unless those pages boost their posts.  Those will be seen.  In other words, companies with deep pockets who can afford to pay for boosting posts will have their content seen...little guys like me will not.

So...what it all comes down to is that I think I will be moving away from my main Facebook page.  I will probably still keep it so that no one else can use it.  That way, if things change, I can go back to it.  I'll probably keep my aviation page, but was never popular anyway and was mostly just for me.  I may set up as a group and see how that goes.  Instagram will be my primary social media location.  I will be setting up a Vero account as well.  I hear good things about from other photographers.  Let me know what you think about my deciscins.  As always thank you for your support!!