Changes to Social Media Platforms / by Jeffrey Gacad

Hey everyone!!  If you read my last blog, you probably realized my frustrations with Facebook pages.  I absolutely do not believe I should pay to have my own followers see my posts.  Because of this I made a few changes to my social media platforms, so here is the rundown:


Facebook - 

  • Stingray Photo Imaging Page: I pretty much shut this page down.  I'll maintain it so that no one else can take it (squatting?  haha) and will post some things occasionally, but I will no longer be posting photos there.
  • Stingray Aviation Imaging Page:  This will continue, since it was never popular and I mostly just use it for myself anyway.
  • Stingray Photo Imaging Group:  Brand new!!!  I just started this and it will hopefully be a way I can elude Facebook and not have to pay to get people interested in my content seeing my work.  PLEASE JOIN!!!  :)

Instagram - 

  • Stingray Photo Imaging: This will be my main social media platform
  • Stingray Aviation Imaging: Much more popular than my FB page, this will continue as well.

Vero - 

  • Brand new!!!  If you're on Vero, find me at Stingray Photo Imaging.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to utilize it.  I'll probably post some of my photos there, but maybe also phone shots, photo shoot updates, music I'm listening to editing my photos, etc.  Who knows!  I guess this will evolve over time.

And there you have it.  Please follow me across all the platforms and don't forget to check back here too!!