Commissioned Photos / by Jeffrey Gacad

Hello everyone!  I've been busy editing a lot of photos, so hopefully I'll be adding some new photos soon.  I also have some new photo trips coming up, which I'll post in a later blog.  Anyway, while doing editing I thought about doing some commissioned shoots.  I'd prefer to keep the types of photos I do within the genres I currently shoot, but I'm always up for new challenges.  So, if there is something you'd like a photo or photos of, let me know.  The end product could be digital or hard copies, whichever you'd prefer.  Obviously the 10 copy limit would not apply to these.

If this is something you or someone you know would be interested in (feel free to share my website with friends or collegues), please email me at and we can work out the details.


I look forward to working with you guys!!


Here are a few images I did for a friend's band...not a type of photography I usually do, but I was up for the challenge and was pretty happy with the results.