New Year, New Focus / by Jeffrey Gacad

I hope everyone had a happy new year. As mentioned in my previous blog, things are a-changin’ around here. I have finally settled on most of the changes I’ll be making, some a bit different than what I had originally blogged about. Sooooooooooooooo, here we go…


I am going to streamline my website to focus on the following categories:

  • Astrophotography/Nightscapes

  • Landscapes/Cityscapes

  • Sunsets

  • Nature (Wildlife/Plantlife)

  • Long Exposure

  • Black & White

This doesn’t mean I won’t be taking other photos. It just means they won’t be here. They will be showing up on my social media pages (Instagram/Facebook/Vero). Find me on those platforms.

Surfing Photos:

While way more popular than my aviation photography, it is kind of the black sheep here. As of now, the photos will be staying here. I may be branching out my social media to give my surfing photos their own focus. I love doing it, they get lots of likes on social media, they get lots of attention from the surfers and their sponsors, and my only published photo to date is a surfing photo. So, they will not be going anywhere, except maybe their own focus. Stay tuned…

Social Media:

Social media is a struggle these days. Facebook (and to a lesser extent, Instagram), has made self promotion nearly impossible. But, I will still continue with them because, in reality, you need too. My Facebook group will be my secondary platform, but will get the most amount of images. I will bring back more group interactions as well. Instagram will be my primary platform and the images will be curated from the images that will be on the Facebook group. Finally Vero will get images and other stuff periodically. I really like that platform, but it doesn’t seem to be getting traction. We’ll see how that goes.


I still haven’t made my final decision on how I want to handle prints. Selling prints is essential for me to be able to get new gear and upgrade gear. Unfortunately, it seems most people don’t seem keen on buying prints. So in addition to the traditional physical prints, I have some ideas on digital uses. If anyone has Google Home Hub or Chrome Cast, you might know that you can have photos scroll through while you are listening to music or in ambient mode settings. I was thinking about creating albums for use . Just an idea, but if anyone has any other ideas, comment below!!

I’m excited for the refocusing of my photography and the changes coming. I hope you all enjoy them as well. Please leave a comment below if you have and ideas or suggestions and email me at if you are interested in buying prints. :)