Change in Prints for Sale / by Jeffrey Gacad

Well, the whole idea of letting people have the option to choose whatever they’d like to purchase prints of was an overall failure. So, there are some changes that I am making to this.

  1. I will be rolling out select prints that will be available. Those will change periodically.

  2. I used to have a limit to ten prints of any style per image. I will change this to 25 of traditional, frame-able prints and 10 of each other style (canvas, metal, acrylic, etc.) . That way, I can still have them be limited, but have more flexibility in style.

  3. Specialty, one-off prints will still be available on a custom order basis.

  4. Certain images will not be available to be purchased as prints. Those include photos of surfers and animals at zoos/aquariums. As far as the surfers go, I am not sure about how it works with selling an image of someone without their permission. Maybe as time goes by and form relationships with some things may change. Also, most zoos and aquariums prohibit you from selling images taken from within the facility without their approval.

  5. Commissioned photos will still be available. I can take specific photos for you and you can choose to just take the digital versions and/or purchase prints of those.

  6. Digital images may be coming down the road. I’m not quite sure yet how I will do that and how I can protect them. Stay tuned.

I may update pricing later, but I’ll keep the current pricing for now. I will probably adjust traditional print sizes and keep some sizes on hand.

As always, if you are interested in purchasing any prints, please email me at