It's been a while... / by Jeffrey Gacad

Just thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been up to…

Recent Photography:

I’ve had the chance to take some cool photos in the snow atop Mt. San Jacinto in the snow and Joshua Tree flowers all in the same day. Plus I did some night shots in Joshua Tree that same trip. I also got to sneak in a second Joshua Tree trip. Probably the highlight though was a day in Lake Elsinore for the poppy super bloom! I manage to get there before all hell broke loose and the city actually shut the area down for a bit the week after I was there. It was getting out of hand and people were really starting to trash the place. Apparently “Leave It Better Than You Found It” is not a quote most people follow. Photos from these and some others will be coming soon.

Upcoming Photography:

I’ll be doing at least one more Joshua Tree trip next weekend, and possibly one more this spring. I’ll mostly be doing night stuff, but I’ll probably be out a bit during the day trying to catch some critters and spring blooms. My most exciting trip will be in June. I’ll be in Europe for a cruise and will be visiting Spain, France and Italy. I’ll also be doing a few extra days in Barcelona. I’m not really sure what I’ll be trying to shoot as of yet, but I’m sure I’ll get some cool stuff!!!

Website Changes:

I’m sure you may have noticed a few aesthetic changes to the website. It visually looks better to me and I feel like the font changes make it look a bit more professional. Let me know what you think. I’ll probably be making other tweaks along the way as it continuously evolves. *Some of the changes are just for the desktop/tablet versions. I may carry them over to the mobile platform as well, but I’m not sure yet.


I am going to change up some of the prints that will be available for sale. If you have any interest in anything I current have up, you have until the first week of May and then I’ll be changing them up. I am also going to come up with commission pricing. If there is something you’d like a specific/exclusive photo of, let me know at Finally, at some point, I’ll come up with some kind of digital images for purchase. These could be for computer wallpaper, phone wallpaper, Google Home Hub/Chrome Cast slide shows etc. I need to do a little more research, but some people have expressed interest.

Sorry this was a little long, but things have been happening and I just wanted to update everyone. Thanks to everybody for your continued support!!!!